• My expertise is in Individual & Couples Counseling:

    Career Counseling/Couching

    Infertility & Childbearing

    Relationship Issues

    Procastination & Self-Sabotaging Behavior


    Anxiety & Panic Attacks

    Addiction & 12 Steps

    Emotional Freedom Therapy (accelerated breakthrough)

    Female Reproductive & Infertility/ IVF Treatment

    Christian Counseling

    Gay & Lesbian Issues

    Coaching/Career Counseling

    •  My compassionate, yet firm, approach has helped hundreds of patients lead more happy and productive lives. With my support, you will overcome your depression and panic attacks that have previously lead you to procrastinate in your life. My style is direct and to the point. I do not believe in endless therapy that creates dependency, because I genuinely care  to see my clients thrive. My impeccable 20 year record of integrity and responsibility speaks for itself.