• Dr Sheida Ashley, the best psychologist in los angeles

    Dr. Sheida Ashley is a Licensed Marriage & Family Psychotherapist practicing in Century City /West Los Angeles, California. Soon after earning her Bachelors in Psychology from UCLA with honors, Dr. Ashley began her career as a staff psychiatric intern for CPC Westwood Psychiatric Hospital in 1987. 

    She was the youngest staff member, in charge of the main wing of this private hospital, dedicated to treatment of addictions and mood disorders. Dr. Ashley continued her graduate studies while at CPC Westwood Hospital, she received her Masters in Educational Psychology from California State University, Northridge. Eventually earning a P.H.D. from the Pacific Western University, Los Angeles.

    Dr. Ashley opened a private practice in 1994 in Beverly Hills, Ca.  This practice includes marriage counseling located centrally to residents of the West Los Angeles and Hollywood area. Her welcoming and pleasant demeanor, strict confidentiality, and unique insight has made Dr. Ashley one of the best psychologist in Los Angeles.

    A Word From Dr. Ashley